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Former Viceroy, Darth Gythyanki, resigned his position and moved to the DOM this week.  Jack Jones has moved from the Patrol Commissioner's office to take up the duties of Viceroy

The DTR starbase in the Adamski system fell to Imperial ground forces after two days of battle.   The starbase is in ruins and Imperial troops are being run down after a daring shuttle-borne boarding party took control of the 2000 hulled Platform in the planet orbit.

Elsewhere the forces in Straddle are extracting after the major battle at the beginning of the week which was followed by minor skirmishes.   A CIA boarding party has taken control of a platform in Ring 10 of the system.

The Viceroy formally issued an expulsion order for the DTR to leave all of the systems claimed by and for the Empire.   The expulsion order enforcement started with a fleet attack against the Platforms in Straddle, where the DTR have been suborning the natives with anti-Empire propaganda, this was accompanied by a ground attack on the DTRs main base in Adamski.  The Adamski starbase fell on the second day of fighting.   The allied forces left orbit in Straddle after one days bombardment of the platforms involving around 600+ ships of the allied fleet, including FET, GTT, HLQ & IMP.   On day 2 the allied fleet left orbit and were joined by elements of the CIA and CNF fleets.  The joint Empire fleets intercepted a large DTR fleet coming in to support their platforms in the orbit and a major space battle involving upwards 2000 ships overall resulted in significant losses on both sides, with a large number of ships also being damaged but able to fight on.

03/11:  Patrol Commissioner resigns

The patrol Commissioner, General Ike Krieger, resigned from the Command Council this week and it is believed that he will be leaving the Imperial Services to take up a career in a commercial organisation.

In other news around the peripheries a GTT cruiser recently captured by PIR in Sol was recovered by an ISMC boarding battalion and one of the renegade Ganji's warships was destroyed by a joint IMP and GTT fleet in the Fortoon system.

The Viceroy has appointed 'Wild Bill' Donovan to the Imperial Command Council.   Commissioner Donovan will be responsible for the collection and collation of intelligence information.

The GTT starbase on Victory in the Trafalgar system is still holding out against an attacking RCF GP in spite of RCF operatives manipulating the Starbase status and lists.  Forces are in place to destroy the raiders and an allied fleet has gained control of the quad outside the orbit.   3 RCF Destroyers were reduced to cosmic dust and the others damaged in a short but intense fire fight in the quad.

Viceroy Githyanki has appointed General Ike Krieger to the post of Patrol Commissioner and has created a new position of Council Chairman, to be filled by Admiral Lord Simms with the role of casting the cold light of reason on the council's deliberations.  Gregor Konstantin retains his post as Research Commissioner.

The Imperial Viceroy, Kyle Blackthorn, was assassinated at an Imperial Starbase earlier in the week.  He was present in the Starbase prior to heading for Jax.  Initial enquiries indicate that an anti-matter device was used to blow up the late Viceroy’s quarters.  There are still a number of questions unanswered, such as who knew that the former Viceroy was in the Starbase, and how was an AM device smuggled into the Starbase and what was the former Viceroy’s own security doing to allow it to get close enough to destroy his quarters, considering the effect of the Starbase’s ISR field on AM explosions?

An emergency virtual meeting of the voting Imperial Political Officers was called and former Patrol Commissioner Githyanki was elected as Viceroy pro-tem with sixty-six percent of the vote.   Confirmation of his appointment is being sought from His Imperial Majesty, The Emperor Lysander.

Earlier this week General Ike Kreiger tendered his resignation as Viceroy to HIM Emperor Lysander, which was accepted.  HIM has announced the appointment of Grand Duke Kyle Blackthorne as the new Viceroy.  Leaving the post of Patrol Commissioner awaiting an appointment by the new Viceroy.

The Examiner conratulates the new Viceroy on his appointment and wishes General Kreiger an long and successful carreer henceforth.

After 7 days of hard fighting and in spite of heavy losses establishing a bridgehead, the Imperial 5th (Marine) Corps, under command of Lt Gen "Iron Mike" O'Neale, took control of the main RCF base in the Halo Periphery this week.

In further operations in the Halo Periphery, acting on information received, a number of KRL and PIR ships were destroyed by elements of the Halo Space Command in a battle above a "secret"  KRL base on an asteroid. 

An RCF ship attacked a GTT outpost in Lewis earlier this week using weapons designated as "cloaked missiles" launched from WOMD Launchers.  Standard missile cannot be launched from WOMD launchers so, pending further investigations, it is assumed that these weapons were either Anti-Matter missiles or had some sort of nuclear warhead.   Each of the missiles involved appeared to be capable of doing circa 200 damage.    The Imperial Services are considering their options as they have a long standing policy of retaliating in kind if WOMD are used against them or their allies,

The RCF have been trying to deny the Imperial Services access to the Halo periphery for some weeks now.  Mainly by assaulting newly established IMP outposts and having their PIR allies take IMP ships.  A campaign is underway to prevent this, a number of small outposts have been recovered and two RCF bases attacked in the Hittite System, one seriously reduced by an orbital attack and another taken on the ground this week.  There have been some minor IMP losses, mainly due to the activities of the local authorities in the system objecting to the blockading of a planet with a major native IND base on it, as well as the RCF base that was the true target for the blockade.

The Imperial troops that drove the RCF out of the outpost they had captured in Dorn were confronted with grisly evidence of war crimes.  75 former GTT employees had been murdered by being publicly hanged from stanchions around the outpost.

This act of utter barbarity shows once again that the RCF are no better than pirates and any RCF personnel caught bearing arms should be treated as such by a summary Drumhead Court Martial followed by an execution by hanging.  Firing squads are for honourable foes, such as spies.

The RCF have been launching a number of nuisance raids against undefended outposts in the Outer and Inner Capellan peripheries in the sound knowledge that there are so many it is unlikely that they will be defended.      They have not always got it right and have been fought off on more than one occasion.    A change of tactics by the RCF caused an IMP GP to be destroyed in Dorn, having gone in to recover an outpost in the fond belief that they would have used their usual shoot and scoot tactic. The outpost was recovered a few days later.

The operation to expel the RIP from Imperial Space, due to their support for pirates, has drawn to a successful conclusion with the RIP accepting surrender terms proposed by the Imperial Patrol Commissioner.  These terms exclude RIP shipping, ground parties and fixed installations from systems claimed by and for the Imperial Services along with several others peripheral to current Imperial holdings.   The former RIP starbase, Freedom City in the Madonna system, has been handed over to the Imperial services after a prolonged siege following an aborted ground attack some weeks ago.  It is understood that the terms also include the RIP removing any fixed assets from systems that are claimed for and by the Imperial Services in the future.

The coronation of His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor Lysander took place today.  After the crowning ceremony, presided over by the Pope the coronation ceremony was immediately followed by his wedding to Lady Isobella Secudus, formerly of the Imperial Starbase of Leeward on Stork in the Matallot system.

Our reporter at the coronation has sent the following report.      Once the coronation concludes, the wedding ceremony begins - though now  woefully behind schedule.
Admiral Lord Simms, resplendent in full dress uniform and still retaining 
something of his figure from his days in the front line accompanies the 
mere slip of a woman simply attired in a white silk dress and veil, her 
ermine stole having been removed by an attendant. The understated dress of 
the lady is commented on by the media - many putting it to her credit, 
especially when contrasted to bedecked Confederate spouses, present in 
their masses.    The vows are declared to the Pope, the True One's representative in the 
mortal realm and a smaller crown in a style complementing the Emperor's is  placed on the Empress' head.  They then take to their respective thrones, the Empress's, again less ornate though complimentary of the Emperor's and the Pope launches into a 
final speech.   It is much, much later when the doors are opened and the Emperor and 
Empress leave, followed by the Confederate Prelate and Imperial Viceroy,    side by side and their political entourage behind them.    After them are the alien dignitaries, guests of honour on this momentous day.   From here they travel to the Imperial Palace for the reception.

There has been considerable pirate activity in the Lewis systems this week.   Two Imperial freighters were destroyed.  This is a change of tactics by the Wolfpack pirates and there is speculation as to whether it is a response to the recent deployment of Q ships, containing large contingents from the ISMC, or possibly as a result of the pirates being contracted to destroy shipping.   Attempts to intercept the pirates as they fled the scenes of their crimes resulted in some long range engagements but no positive destruction of the pirate ships.

Three RCF Destroyers engaged IMP and GTT outposts on Ruin, in the Sparta system, causing both loss of life and damage.    Elements of the IMP and GTT Inner Systems fleets mounted a fast response on the following day.  One of the raiders was destroyed as it tried to escape, a second was engaged at long range but got away.

The engagement of HIH Prince Lysander, the Emperor designate, to Lady Isabella Secudus, grand daughter of the Imperial hero Admiral Secudus, was announced by the Viceregal Administration today.    The engagement was formalised by a betrothal ceremony at the Viceroy's residence, which was witnessed by dignitaries from the Imperial Services and the Confederacy.  The Archbishop of Dogleg blessed the betrothal.  The ceremony was followed by a state dinner.  It is believed that there are plans to hold the wedding at the same time as HIH's coronation, later this year.

The Outpost in the Trafalgar system taken by the RCF last week was recovered by an ISMC immediate reaction battalion yesterday.  The OP was captured in tact except for its mineral stocks but the raiders managed to slip away.

The RCF, a splinter group of the CNF, have repudiated the Peace Accords and declared war on the Imperial Services, and our allies.   They have been active under the guise of pirates for some weeks, taking out some FET and GTT outposts.   In their latest strike an IMP outpost in a Commonwealth system was taken.   The Inner Fleet and elements of the ISMC have been put on alert to recover the outpost and hunt down these pseudo-pirates.

Faulty battle computer settings sparked off a firefight in the orbit of Earth earlier in the week.    Several DTR ships, a DTR outpost, the EEI Starbases and the TED outpost were engaged by an IMP Squadron coming in for maintenance at Galactic Central.   One of the ships, returning to the squadron from detached duty, had failed to clear its enemy list and was then supported by the rest of the Squadron.  Two DTR freighters were destroyed and their base lightly damaged.  The TED highport was destroyed. The EEI returned fire and hit some of the IMP ships, a capitol ship and two interceptor carriers were destroyed.   Other DTR ships were engaged and damaged as they tried to interact with their base's starport before the fault was rectified.

In the light of compelling circumstantial evidence that the OPS have been engaged in the slave trade the Viceroy has banned them from systems claimed by and for the Imperial Services.    A multi-affiliation blockade has been set up at the Inferno stargate and OPS outposts within our borders are being taken over or reduced.

The Command Council postion of Intelligence Director has now been fille by Duke Kyle Oneron.  We congratulate His Grace on his appointment and elevation to the noble rank of Duke.

After a long and complicated search a pirate base called "Large was here" was located in the Titan system and subsequently taken by elements of the ISMC.   It appeared to have been evacuated as little of interest was found there.

The PIR maintenance and shipbuilding base discovered by elements of the Imperial Stellar Patrol Reccon Group fell to the ISMC assault today.   This was a major PIR base in the Commonwealth Systems with training, shipbuilding and maintenace capabilities.  Some of the defenders managed to escape during the final assault and are being hunted down.   Two pirate ships in the starport are expected to be taken over shortly.

Subsequent to the discovery of a pirate base in the Apollo system the 33rd Assault Group, ISMC, launched a storming assault on the outpost on 31/5.   Considerable inroads  have been made against the pirate outpost's defences and it is anticipated that the base will fall to the Imperial Marine assault group early in week 32. 

In a preliminary Command Council shuffle following Lord Simms' resignation as Viceroy the new Vicroy has appointed Duke Githyanki, formerly Trade and Commerce Minister, to the vacant Patrol Commissioner post.

Shock news from the Viceregal admininstration tody, The Viceroy, Admiral Lord Simms, has resigned and General Ike Krieger has been appointed by the Emperor (Designate) in his place.

The former Viceroy's letter of resignation and HIM The Emperor (Designate) Lysander's reply were included in the press release.


After nearly fifteen years of sheparding the fate of your possessions in
the Capellan Periphery and beyond I feel that the time has come to hand
over these responsibilities to younger and more active hands. I therfore
submit to you my resignation as Imperial Viceroy of the Capellan periphery,
to be effective as soon as my replacement is installed. I commend General
Ike Krieger to you as a suitable replacement for the post of Imperial

I remain your Imperial Majesty's most obedient servant.

Admiral Hiram P Simms, Baron Baranov, KSG, ISP (Rtd)

It is with profound sadness that Prince Lysander formally accepts the
resignation of Admiral Lords Simms as Viceroy.
He makes a speech praising Simms for keeping stability through the Capellan
Periphery, not to mention brokering what is hoped to be lasting peace
within the Inner Empire. He hopes that while no longer the figurehead of the Imperial Services, the
former Viceroy's influence and guidance will be a power within the Imperial Services.
The speech then welcomes Ike Krieger as his replacement and again
reiterates the hope that Krieger will continue the role laid down by Simms.
It is expected that there will be some honours bestowed at the crowning
ceremony later this year.

A face to face meeting of the Imperial Command Council has been convened at the Viceregal Administration in the Starbase.     Rumours and speculation as to the reason for this almost unprecedented event are rife.  The Viceroy's office replied to our enquiries with a brief and uncompromising "no comment".

On day 19/1 a major ground force consisting of over 200,000 IMP and DEN troops, supported by over fifty thousand tanks, commenced an operation to liberate the former DEN starbase Impervious from the invading MEK forces.    After five days of battle and heavy casualties on both sides the starbase fell to the allies.   It is hoped that this will prevent the MEK from enslaving more civilians on the planet to convert into Cyborg warriors

The RIP continue to ignore the prohibition on entering the Titan System and several more of their freighters were destroyed by a GTT patrol acting in support of the anti-pirate operations in the system.    Our reporter in the system was horrified by the casual disregard shown by the RIP for the safety of their crews, whose lives they appear to be happy to throw away in persuit of profit.

Statement from the Viceroy's Office

After due consideration and consultation with my allies I have decided that the recent attempt to attack an allied starbase in Wastelands with nuclear weapons by a GCE flagged ship justifies withdrawing their privileges in systems claimed by and for the Imperial Services.

The GCE are henceforth banned from systems under Imperial rule. They have until Week 20 Day 1, year 209, to withdraw their ships from our systems, excepting for freighters clearing their fixed assets established in our systems.

All fixed assets currently flagged GCE must be either removed from our systems by being dismantled or disposed of to an approved buyer within six weeks from Week 18, day 5. That is by end of week 24.209.

Any potential buyers are reminded that they will need the approval of the Viceregal Administration before acquiring any former GCE outposts or starbases within systems claimed by or for the Imperial Services.

In this instance, since the attack with WOMD failed completely, The Imperial Services will not be persuing their policy of responding in kind to such attacks.

Other News:   Several RIP and IND ships have been intercepted and destroyed in the Titan system, thus proving that the Patrol Commissioner meant it when he banned all shipping from the system.

The Viceroy has issued an Order in Council banning all IND ships and GPs from systems claimed by and for the Imperial Services.    This is believed to have happened because of IND ships conducting acts of piracy in Yank and our allies receiving threats from an apparently independent source.

The Ialandian campaign progresses.  The bigger of the two captured Ianan platforms is now properly re-armed and busy pounding on the Ialandian GP and stirring the ruins of our former base.  The majority of the fleet have left orbit and are engaged on picket duties throughout the system.

Starbase IMP Frontier Trade fell to the Ialandian attackers as the week drew to a close, proving once again that numbers do count.   Even sub-standard native troops and militia can prevail if you are prepared to lose enough of them.     The Ialandian ground party had been trekking across the surface of Ianan for some time, in spite of efforts to diminish them from orbit from mid-week 10 onwards. The Ialandians still numbered over one million troops when they attacked the starbase.   Before this time the platforms in the orbit, which came under attack from the Imperial fleet early in week 10 after the platform in the six ring preventing our ships from moving freely to the planet had been reduced and boarded.  Our ships were mainly equipped for general space combat and proved less than effective against troops on the ground.

Logistical restraints prevented the re-enforcement of our starbase with the 40,000 plus veterans that would have been needed to beat off the native attack within the timeframe available and the base was evacuated under cover of a courageous rearguard.

A battle has been won and lost but the campaign continues as the captured platforms in the orbit of Ianan are fitted out with suitable weapons.

Having attacked and captured the Ialandian platform in D6 during week 09 the way was open to carry the campaign to relieve our beleaguered starbase to Ianan itself.  The campaign continued to progress satisfactorily during week 10, with one of the major orbital platforms destroyed and the other neutralised.    The third, smaller, platform has been captured by Imperial Marines.   The main threats to our starbase on the planet at the moment are two large ground parties, consisting mainly of native militia and native troops, that are approaching whilst taking heavy damage both from the starbase and some of the ships in orbit.  

The Ialandians launched a second massive ground attack against IMP Frontier Trade this week.   The attack involved some 42,000 Ialandian troops supported by over 22,000 light tanks.  They also used a huge number of Ialandian civilians as a living shield to cover their attack, as a result of this nearly a quarter of a million civilians died before the Ialandian military were completely destroyed.   Imperial casualties were around 1000 troops with over 3500 assorted tanks and several hundred robot defence bunkers being destroyed.

Now consideration is being given to how to look after the large number of captured civilian survivors.  Since they seem to want to eat anyone who comes in range of their teeth this is proving to be no minor problem.

A suprise attack by 20,000 screaming savages on IMP Starbase Frontier Trade in the
Ialandian system brought the hitherto friendly relations with the locals on Ianan to an abrupt close as the attackers died.   Communications with the planetary hierarchy indicates that they want our starbase as a starting point to conquering all known space.   Since there are millions of them there is a possibility they might get the starbase if they sacrifice enough of their fellow natives. as the brief description of the Ialandians below suggests, they might well be prepared to do just that.

Report from Ianan:-

The governor is certain that there is infighting and factionalism within the Ialandian society. The lack of animals means that they use their own people as beasts instead. They breed them for meat, cull them, send them in as cannon fodder and force them endure appalling conditions.

The problem however is that they have less regard for aliens than they do their own species. Explaining that cannibalism is bad simply won't stand up to any arguments. It is much better to have intelligent livestock - they are so much easier to condition and can even work their own yeast vats, clean their own stalls and follow directions to the slaughter halls.  

The Imperial Services Command Council are pleased to be able to announce that after negotiations and several weeks of preparation the GCS remnants on Earth, Sol System, have been persuaded to peacefully withdraw from the planet and system.

An orderly handover of Starbase Galactic Central on Earth has now been completed and the SOL system is now claimed for and on behalf of the Commonwealth and Triumvirate council by IMP Starbase Galactic Central.

Full reports are now available of the battle fought against an ARC 400 HH ship.    When it was first sighted the ships available to intercept were not equipped to take on such a formidable foe.    However they were able to contain the enemy for several days, inflicting modest damage and taking heavy casualties.    In the meantime a Battle Group of heavy ships with appropriate armament were being equipped and deployed..  The heavies arrived at the battle and the ARC aggressor was finally destroyed after another two days of battle.   Some of the heavy reinforcements were also severely damaged or destroyed during this final phase of the battle.   Current reports indicate that over forty Imperial warships were destroyed during the course of the six days of fighting.  An attempt to deploy prototype anti-matter missiles on the last day of the battle in response to the ARC use of  Plasmas, classified as nuclear weapons, failed due to technical difficulties.   SAR efforts have resulted in the rescue of a high percentage of the crews that survived the destruction of their ships.  

Whilst the space battle was in progress the Imperial  3rd Marine Division was able to slip by the combatants and attack an ARC Starbase, which fell to the 3rd after two days fighting.    Marine casualties were relatively light with a high proportion of the incoming fire being directed at the division’s hardware. The relatives of those KIA or MIA in both space and ground battles are currently being informed of the fates of their heroic loved ones.

Reports are coming in about a confrontation between elements of the Imperial Stellar Patrol and a 400 hulled ARC ship.    The battle has been raging for several days and considerable damage has been inflicted on the ARC ship.   There are reports of heavy casualties amongst the IMP ships involved in the battle. 

Two outposts captred by the PIR in the Tycoon system, which had been engaged from orbit by COH and QNG forces for some time, were re-captured by Imperial ground forces this week.  Both outposts had been seriously damaged by the orbital bombardments prior to the ground attacks, which had been delayed due to the Immediate Reaction Startrooper Battalion being deployed elsewhere.  The outposts are to be returned to their original owners.

A pirate scout ship with a GP on board was successfully boarded in the Capellan System, the members of the PIR GP on board were shot whilst attempting to escape on arrival at an Imperial base.

Members of the Wolfpack group, sometimes pirates and sometimes 'mercenaries for hire', attacked the Flagritz platform in the orbit of the Inferno stargate this week and were fought off with consumate ease by the defenders.   Since the platform is likely to be of no conceiveable use to pirates one can but wonder who would hire them to attack a Flagritz installation within the borders of the Empire.    A Stellar Patrol press release suggests that the list of suspects is quite short.

Two pirate scouting GPs were destroyed by Imperial ground forces on the planet Andshout in the vicinity of the SMS Starbase Pompeii this week.   Pompeii was the subject of a pirate attack earlier in the year and was recovered for the SMS by Imperial troops.

An Imperial survey ship hunting asteroids in the Stockton system was boarded by the Wolfpack pirates, who are no longer masquerading as 'privateers'.  earlier this week.  Both the boarding ship and our captured vessel got away, evading the cruiser group sent to intercept them.

In another incident a ship since identified as one of Pirate Large's early flagships attempted to board an Imperial freighter in the Blagard system.   The pirate was engaged by several escorting IMP cruisers and is believed to have been either severely damaged or destroyed.  Confirmation is being sought as to whether the pirate was destroyed at the time of going to press.

The ARC ship in Inferno fought off two boarding attempts by over 1200 crack Imperial troops then tried to flee.   It encountered an allied blockade as it left the orbit of the gas giant and was blown up after destroying a further four allied ships in the battle.

Later in the week another 400 HH ARC ship entered the orbit of the Twinkle stargate and is currently under investigation.

The ARC ship damaged in last week's battle in Rebellion has been traced to a Gas Giant in Inferno.   The enemy ship has landed and a blockade has been established in the quadrant whilst further steps are taken to deal with the ARC 400 HH ship.

The ARC ship that slipped into orbit past our pickets was intercepted as it left orbit after destroying one of the captured ships.   It destroyed four IMP capital ships and took considerable damage itself but was able to get away.  The picket in the quad had been heavily reduced when a number of our ships entered orbit to take on the ARC ship and were unable to leave orbit again in time for the battle.   The debris from the destruction of the captured ship is being investigated and appears to include the ARC Mind.

Two ARC ships found landed on a gas giant in an Imperial Controlled system were captured by boarding early in the week.    A third ARC ship arrived as we were about to remove the captured ships and the larger of the two was destroyed by the newcomer.    How the new arrival was able to evade our blocking force in the quadrant is unknown.   There is speculation that there might be a hidden ARC base on the gas giant.

The Viceroy has appointed Command Council member General Duke Ike Krieger to the  vacant post of Patrol Commissioner with immediate effect.   Reactions within the ISP to the appointment of a 'ground pounder' as their new boss are said to be somewhat mixed.

Notice to Spacefarers:    The Kasmer stargate has been reopened and is availabel for transit.

A statement was issued by the Viceroy's office earlier today confirming than an attempt to arrest the Patrol Commissioner, Duke Gandolph, on charges relating to piracy failed to apprehend him. Apparently he had fled his post at Sevastopol Starbase before a contingent from the Viceroy's personal security staff arrived to arrest him.   The former Patrol Commissioner's offices and residence have been sealed under Scene of Crime regulations and such of his personal staff as were available are helping the security services with their enquiries.

STOP PRESS:    Rumours that the former Patrol Commissioner was, in fact, the infamous Pirate Large have been confirmed by official sources.  The Viceroy has posted a reward of 1,000,000 stellars to anyone delivering the rogue to an Imperial starbase alive, and a 250,000 stellar reward for his confirmed death.

An ARC ship arrived at the Kasmer stargate and started sending unidentifiable signals.  Having failed to idendify the signals and receiving no reply to its transmissions the IMP Platform at the stargate sent out jamming signals.  The ARC ship responded by firing on our platform, on the same day the Stargate closed.    Imperial and GTT ships responding to the platform's calls for help destroyed the ARC ship the next day with the loss of several allied ships.   Unfortunately collateral damage to several IND ships at the stargate caused them to be destroyed.   The GTT are attempting to initiate compensation discussions with the IND ship's owners.

The stargate is likely to remain closed for at least three months but the Tycoon gate is still available and is being patrolled by a considerable force from the ISP with a view to preventing any interference there.

The former SMS starbase in Pegasus was returned to SMS control this week.

The Pirate base in Erasure was taken over by Imperial ground forces after three days of bombardment from orbit.   A number of prisoners were released, and seven Flagritz slaves freed.   The surviving defenders retreated from the outpost and were later hunted down and, when they refused to surrender, all died in the subsequent battle    The outpost is currently being dismantled.

The ground attack on the former SMS starbase on Pegasus captured by pirates succeeded, it fell to the forces of General Ike Krieger on day 1/29.   It is expected to be handed back to the SMS as soon as the employees enslaved by the pirates have been freed and the bulk of Imperial Forces withdrawn.

The PIR base discovered in Erasure a few weeks ago has been attacked from orbit by an Imperial flotilla.    After two days of bombardment from orbit the outpost is still holding out but has ceased firing back.  Damage to IMP ships was minimal and the bombardment will continue until our scanning ships can fully ascertain the state of the base,

The PIR (formerly SMS) starbase Pompeii has been assaulted by IMP ground forces this week.   The attack is progressing satisfactorily and the starbase is expected to fall during week 29.   The Imperial Services took over responsibility for recovering the Starbase when it became apparent that the joint A-PFT effort was unlikely to come to fruition in the near future.  On the first day of the assault the Imperial GP took as many troops and tanks from the former SMS GP (handed over to the IMP the a few days earlier) as it could without slowing down its own movement rate unduly and attacked the starbase.  Unfortunately the former SMS GP encountered a PIR scouting party on its way to the starbase and was subsequently destroyed when the PIR called in long range support from the starbase.

The Imperial Ground forces, under the overall direction of General Duke Ike Krieger, have already been re-enforced.  Further re-enforcements are planned to speed up the conclusion of the attack

Due to incorrectly set battle computer settings a KST ship has been destroyed on entering Dogleg orbit in the Capellan system.   The Viceroy has issued an apology to the KST and has requested that their allies set compensation negotiations in progress.

Duke Githyanki has accepted an offer of the post of Trade & Commerce Minister on the Imperial Command Council

A pirate base was discovered in the Erasure system last week, after destroying some PIR ships and a minor bombardment of the base it was decided to mount an attack on the ground.  However the pirates pre-empted this by acquiring some more weapons and destroying some FET and DTR ships in the orbit.  Several other capital ships were damaged.    It is now intended to remove the base with extreme prejudice.  In Pegasus Pirate Large is still in possession of the ex-SMS starbase that he captured several weeks ago.  It is still uncertain when the plans to re-gain control of the base will mature.

An Imperial anti  pirate patrol encountered the pirate (self proclaimed  mercenary) fleet, Wolfpack, early in the week.  Whilst administering some damage the patrol was unable to prevent the destruction of the AFT freighters, which appeared to be the pirate's target.

In Pegasus the PIR are still holding out in the SMS starbase that they captured a few weeks back.

Duke Gregor Konstantin has been appointed Imperial Research Director vice Duke Lee Fairchild, who has retired from active duty in the peripheries

The KAS starbase in Yank has been recaptured from the pirates by AFT ground forces but former SMS Pompeii is still in their hands.  A veil of secrecy has been cast over plans to liberate the base from pirate control.

Two major pirate attacks against starbases, in Pegasus and Yank, were successfuly launched.  News is sparse regarding the Yank incident but it is believed that the AFT are assisting the KAS to recover control of their base.

In the Pegasus system SMS Pompeii fell to a large PIR ground force after three days of fighting on the ground.   Plans are under review to see how to oust the invaders but the Imperial Services will not countenance the destruction of the base by orbital bombardment, as has been proposed.  The casualties during such an action both amongst the starbase's employees and possible collateral damage around the base area are totally unacceptable.

The Peace Accord ratification process is now progressing well, with most of the signatories having signed the treaty.   Once ratification is complete it is expected that a public announcement re the status of the systems of the Former Stellar Empire will be published by the signatories.

The peace treaty is still waiting for final ratification by two of the participants.  In the meantime a DTR ship was destroyed in the orbit of Booker due to settings on a fixed position there not having been updated.

As a result of a ship entering Earth orbit with incorrect battle computer settings the allied fleet in Earth orbit opened fire on GCS Galactic Central, the GCS headquarters on Earth.  The starbase was well shielded and suffered minimal damage but as it is situated in an urban sector there was considerable collateral damage and civilian casualties.   Sporadic firing continued on a small scale as other ships in the fleet suffered problems with their now activated battle computers.  The Captain of the ship responsible for the initial error is now awaiting Court Martial at an Imperial base on Mars

The GCS are making intense propaganda capital out of the incident and it is believed that the local populations are now boycotting other bases in the Sol system.

The hopefully final draft of the peace agreement with the DTR, CNF and their allies has received the stamp of approval from the Viceregal Administration, after consultation with our allies.    In spite of this progress a CIA ship was destroyed on entering the Capella orbit during the week.   The affiliation initiating the action had not removed the CIA from their enemy list due to the CIA's tardiness in removing their declaration of war against the IMP and GTT.    All other affiliations involved in the peace process, excluding one of the Noble Houses, have already stood down from an active state of war with their former enemies.

Subsequent to the removal of a GCS starbase in the Tau Ceti system by GTT and IMP forces the local government, apparently ardent GCS supporters, have ordered a boycott of the Imperial Starbase on the planet.   Negotiations are in progress to convince them of the inevitability of the regime change in the old Inner Empire systems.

Finally exasperated with prevarication and procrastination by the GCS leader, Mordred, the combined forces of the FET, GTT and IMP attacked 4 GCS platforms.  The ones in the Starling and Schrike systems were about 1000 hulls each, both were blown up within 2 rounds of battle.   These platforms had been traded with the GCS for a larger platform in Earth orbit by a former GTT PD.   Two 5000 hulled platforms in Earth orbit were also attacked by less than 100 allied warships each.   One was destroyed in three rounds of battle and the second survived the first day seriously damaged.   Allied casualties were minimal.

Elsewhere around the former Stellar Empire systems some GCS troop carriers were successfully boarded, but a GCS starbase fought off a ground attack.

The vacancy on the Imperial Command Council for the post of Trade Minister, caused by the resignation of Duke Jon Adenaeur has been filled by Duke Stu Krieger.   The Command Council extends a cordial welcome to Duke Stu Krieger on his appointment.

The Imperial Viceroy has issued an Order in Council declaring that the following areas within systems controlled by the Imperial Services are to be restricted areas with access limited to the Imperial Services and Chartered Affiliations

The orbit of the Gas Giant Bork's Dilemma (851) in the Rebellion (144) system                The orbit of the Gas Giant Redundant (746) in the Dyson (10) system                             Ring 1 in the Alpha Quadrant of the Dyson (10) system                                                 Ring 8 in the Beta Quadrant of the Matallot (159) system - traders permitted  by individual application

The Viceroy has rescinded the Order in Council forbidding the sale and purchase of Detinus Prop..um...Media (30336) within the borders of Imperial controlled systems with immediate effect.   This follows the issue of the initial draft of the Peace Accord, which is currently under consideration by the involved parties.

On a less rosy note it is proving necessary to escort Imperial freighters to and from the Monk system, currently under IMP control, due to attempted attacks by over enthusiastic Confederate warship captains.   It is hoped that these individuals will be suitably disciplined and the matter resolved peacefully in the near future.

This week the peace talks concentrated mainly on whether establishing an Interplanetary Tribunal for Cessation of Hostilities would speed up the peace process.   After considerable discussion no concensus was reached on either the membership or remit of such a tribunal.  Consequently it was decided that the I.T.C.H. would have to be scratched.

The latest reports indicate that a working draft of a treaty between the Imperial and DTR blocks may be completed in the near future.  It is not known whether the recently reported resignation of Ms Diaz will have any affect on the DTR stance.

It is reported that the Imperial Services has once again entered into negotiations with their enemies on the subject of peace.  Apparently the ceasefire during the run-up to the All-Peripheries Conference has been extended indefinitely.

However things are not so rosy on other diplomatic fronts.  Reportedly the GTT's relationship with the GCS in those areas known as the Inner Empire are becoming strained and Modred, the leader of the GCS, has unilaterally cancelled the former alliance with the Imperial Services.  A press release from the Viceregal administration indicated that any attacks on Imperial assets in those systems would provoke a prompt and overwhelming response by the Stellar Patrol.

Due to the ever growing shortages of minerals and other resources within the Imperial Systems the viceroy has issued an Order in Council withdrawing exploration and outposting privileges from everyone but the Chartered Affiliations.  Details are shown in the Imperial Law section of this publication.  It is understood that any outpost applications currently in progress will be completed.

The ceasefire arranged between the allies and the rebel block is holding in the main.  The terms of the ceasefire permit all signatories to maintain their enemy lists in systems they claim.    Several scouting ships have been destroyed whilst venturing into places where they are not welcome.   The CNF and CIA appear to be using the cease fire period to build up forces in the Monk system, currently claimed and controlled by  the Imperial Services and some of their freighters have been destroyed there during the week.

The Imperial Services and their allies have agreed to a cease fire with the DTR and their allies until after the Inter-Periphery Conference, scheduled for the end of Week 45.   The cease fire covers offensive operations and both sides will continue to defend their assets in the systems that they control.

Early in the week the Allied Deep Space Fleet attempted an attack on DTR static defences in the Straddle system and were somewhat surprised to find that the defences in question were not as static as was previously assumed.   Two small DTR ships stumbled into the fleet and were destroyed.

DTR raiders attacked the IMP claiming outpost in the Blowton system which survived the encounter in spite of taking very heavy damage, its covering platform was destroyed.  When they came back for a second bite at the end of the week their nine ship LRG squadron found an Imperial battle group in situ.  In spite of destroying four of the raiders and damaging two others the covering ships were unable to prevent further serious damage to the outpost, which managed to survive again.  None of our ships received any significant damage.

An Imperial LRG Cruiser squadron destroyed two outposts in the Ridley system and withdrew undamaged

In the Inner Empire system of Barnard another CNF research station was discovered on an asteroid.  The CNF ground forces managed to beat off the Imperial marine battalion that attacked their base, which was subsequently destroyed by fire from orbit.

An ISP strike force attacked rebel outposts on Whitehouse, in the Darkfold System, earlier this week.  In what an observer described as a "Target Rich Environment" eight outposts were destroyed and a further two damaged.   Two imperial ships were damaged but managed to withdraw successfully.  Meanwhile one of the DTR hunter groups struck at the Moon Agin in the Capellan system, destroying a GTT outpost and severely damaging one belonging to the Imperial services.

Reports are coming in that an Imperial marine battalion, supported by armour on the ground and elements of the ISP Inner Empire Fleet in orbit, have taken control of a CNF research station in the Inner Empire.  It is believed that valuable technologies were captured.  Five CNF fighter carriers in orbit at the time were destroyed.   An interceptor screen covered our shuttling GP through the orbit and prevented the troops from taking fire before landing.  The small CNF garrison  fought valiantly in defence of the research station but were quickly overwhelmed by the superior Imperial forces.

Earlier in the week the Allied Deep Space Fleet, consisting of more than four hundred allied ships, attacked the DTR platform defences in the Venice system.   The three 2000 hulled platforms at the location were totally destroyed in three rounds of battle.  One allied capital ship was destroyed and a few others damaged by fire from the platforms.  All surviving allied ships, including the damaged ones, have withdrawn successfully.

A DTR scout ship was destroyed in the Pollux system yesterday as it attempted to move further into the systems of the former Inner Empire

The formerly BHD owned starbase, Mecca, in the Monk system is still in Imperial hands at the time of going to press.  Some form of counter attack by rebel forces is expected in the near future.

Elswhere in the peripheries outpost smashing is still in vogue with the DTR taking another bite out of our Shrike outpost.  Earlier in the week the Imperial ground forces active in the Darkfold system were finally neutralised by rebel forces bombarding from orbit.

Elements of the Imperial Space Marine Corps, supported by armour, assaulted the BHD Starbase Mecca in the Monk system.   This is the claiming starbase for the system and it fell on the first day of fighting.   Since then the starbase's weapons have been turned on other rebel installations on the planet, destroying all the visible ones.   During the week the Allied fleet providing top cover for the operation intercepted an number of incoming freighters that either dumped their cargoes or were destroyed.  At the time of going to press the rebels have not yet sent  a fleet to gain control of the planet.

In other operations around the peripheries three rebel outposts have been captured by Imperial ground forces in the Darkfold system and outposts on both sides have been destroyed by fire from orbit.

The CNF Starbase Far Frontier in the Ruin system was the subject of a strike by the ISP LRG Flotilla earlier in the week.   The starbase was reduced in size by more that 30%, from 3992 KMu to 2737 KMu, by the relentless fire from the Imperial light rail guns.   Several of our ships were damaged before the starbase defences were neutralysed but all managed to depart without hinderence from the rebel forces.

A predominantly CNF battlegroup, aided by ships from the CIA and BHD, entered an orbit in the Cluster.  The large IMP outpost on the planet was shielded and undamaged but a  covering orbital platform was disabled.  The attackers withdrew on the second day, before any allied forces could intercept them.

In other incidents in the Capellan peripheries outposts were destroyed by the DTR raider groups, including one owned by the GTT.   One of the raider groups was ambushed and destroyed in the Straddle system as it tried to evade Imperial retribution.

One of the DTR raider groups, consisting of five ships, was ambushed and destroyed in Blagard during the week.  Later in the week an IMP outpost in Audrey was wiped out, with the usual DTR disregard for the safety of the personnel operating the outpost.

A small group of DTR raider ships attacked and destroyed an Imperial outpost in Audrey earlier in the week.  The raiders got clear but one was damaged by incoming IMP warships.   There was another attack by the DTR on an outpost in the Aladdin system later in the week, this time little damage was caused as the outpost was shielded.

A small IMP commerce interdiction patrol ran into more than it could handle in the Kasmer system and all the ships were damaged or destroyed by a KST escort group.  The survivor of the first battle was destroyed by a DTR fleet next day

An IMP fighting patrol in the Straddle system stumbled over a small DTR surveillance platform which got off a message before it was destroyed, thereby forcing the IMP patrol to withdraw.

Two small intruders have finally been caught and destroyed in the Mattalot and Capellan systems.  The DTR GP in and around the Dogleg orbit and ring/quadrant is believed to have been monitoring shipping there for some months

Pirates continue to be active around the Peripheries, a PIR scout was destroyed at B8 in Mattelot and a pirate came into the orbit of Seventeen in Adamski and cut out an IMP ship loading food for the relief operation to the starving millions on Earth (Sol system).  This is the second time that this has happened and on each occasion it has been a day or two after the usual escort ships have been pulled out for maintenance.  One wonders who is passing the information to these apparently well informed pirates.

Additional Imperial reinforcements tipped the balance of the ground battle and the starbase fell to the IMP on the fourth day of fighting.  The next day the rebels started bombarding the captured starbase with their usual disregard for their own people still in the base.

In an incident in Mobile Bay orbit, Yank, an IMP light attack squadron that had failed to re-set its battle computers opened fire on a CIA base.  The KAStorian platform responded against this breach of Yank neutrality and was itself destroyed by IMP starbases defending their erring comrades in orbit.   Suitable reparations have now been agreed between all the involved parties. 

A major ground attack was launched against CIA Serpent's Hold in the Francoise system on Day 3 week 26.   After three days fighting the Starbase is holding out, mainly due to reinforcements dropped in during the thrird day of battle.  The battle for control of the starbase continues

In the meantime the topcover fleet stopped a CIA freighter on the first day of fighting and subsequently encountered a larger CNF fleet on the following day.  In the following battle the CNF lost 13 ships, mostly less than 100 hulls, and the Stellar Patrol fleet lost 3.  The IMP pulled out next day as the CNF withdrew their damaged ships and reinforced with more.   A number of ships on both side took further damage as they departed and an unconfirmed number were destroyed.

In a separate but co-ordinated attack, our Rail Gun flotilla re-visited CNF Spartan Journey.  The starbase had put up planetary shields since our visit a week ago and damage to the starbase was minimal.   However 18 docked DTR ships, designated as "Supplier Class Freighters" out of a fleet of 28 in the Starport were destroyed by spalash damage.  The allied ships withdrew undamaged

A combined GTT/IMP fleet attacked the CNF Starbase in the Trinity system this week.   The Imperial Rail Gun ships concentrated on the starbase itself whilst the GTT capital ships took on the CNF battle group in the orbit.     An IMP Rail Gun Cruiser was destroyed and three others took medium to serious damage.   The GTT has several ships with minor damage, the worst being 6% of the ships hulls.   Fourteen CNF ships in orbit were destroyed and a fifteenth received medium to heavy damage.  Two small CNF platforms were also destroyed.  The operation's major objective was achieved with the destruction of all the starbase's space weapons

A small IMP patrol encountered a similar CIA patrol in the Beach system.  A CIA gunboat was destroyed in the encounter.

Elements of the Imperial fleet on a shakedown patrol in the Kastor system ambushed a KST freighter convoy.  The KST escort vessel succumbed to ISR stress before a shot could be fired.  The four freighters all dumped their cargo and made a successful escape.

The peace talks between the Imperial block and the DTR/CNF block that had been ongoing for some months are now confirmed as having failed.   This is largely due to one of our allies commencing offensive operations against the rebels in the Inner Empire and elsewhere.

After careful consideration the Imperial Command Council decided that we could not abandon our allies and the DTR/CNF were advised accordingly.  The Imperial Stellar Patrol is expected to re-commence offensive operations in the near future.

The Imperial battle group pulled back whilst attempts were made to board the remaining TCA ship.  Although crippled and unable to move it still had an effective weapon and two boarding ships were destroyed approaching the target.  A platform belonging to the local government then fired on the TCA ship and it was destroyed.

Reports are coming in of a clash between elements of the Imperial Battle Fleet going to the assistance of a local government and three large (400 hulled) TCA ships in a undisclosed system on our borders.   Two of the TCA ships were destroyed and the third has suffered over 60% damage.  We lost four cruisers in the battle and a number of capital ships took heavy damage.

Elsewhere in the peripheries a trespassing KST freighter was boarded and the crew arrested.

An over bold pirate spotter ship came off worst against an Imperial Platform in Blagard.  However, pirates appear to have been more successful elsewhere with RIP Freedom City falling to a ground attack.  The situation in Madonna is still a bit vague but the RIP have not asked for direct Imperial intervention at this stage. 

A pirate ship was destroyed by Imperial forces as it attempted to enter the Kasmer Stargate during the week.  One less to cause trouble in the Cluster.

After three days hard fighting the pirate base revealed recently in the Rebellion system fell to the attacking forces from the ISMC.   Plans are progressing to dismantle the base and interrogate the few prisoners captured.   Imperial casualties were light, considering the determination of the defenders.

In a separate incident an illegal Independent outpost was removed from an asteroid in the Kasmer system by Imperial and GTT forces.

Acting on information received elements of the ISMC in battalion strength and supported by armour and an augmented Scout Company attacked a hitherto hidden pirate base in the Rebellion system on Day 5 Wk 7.  The Imperial forces have gained 30 percent control of the base and the battle continues.   The pirate garrison, supported by armour and RDBs, is reported to be putting up stiff resistance.

During the course of Week 5 an illegal outpost of over 100KMus was discovered in the Blagard system by a routine patrol.   It is assumed that the outpost was originally concealed in caves but had been expanded to visibility by accident or design.  In keeping with Imperial Policy of reserving the Inner Capellan systems for the IMP and Chartered Affiliations this unauthorised outpost was removed with extreme prejudice by two salvoes from elements of the ISP's Rail Gun squadron.  A Ground Party in the outpost starport was also destroyed by splash damage from the main bombardment

A small group of CIA ships attacked an Imperial Outpoost in thre Titan system, causing both cauualties and major damge.  One of the raiding ships was destroyed as it tried to leave the system next day.

The KDA have learnt this week that it is folly to attack someone a lot more powerful than yourself.  Something the Krell have always had problems understanding.  After two days bombardment against their main base on Inversion from a GTT fleet they unconditionally surrendered.

A rather more disturbing outcome of this is that the FCN appear to be offering the base to a non Krell affiliation.  The Imperial Services have always been of the opinion that Inversion should be left strictly to the Krell.  A policy we implemented throughout the period when Storm was under Imperial protection

As many will be aware the Dominion was formed from the survivors of a projected penal colony from the old Stellar Empire that lost contact with its origins until re-discovered in the Cluster some years ago.   After some considerable negotiation the Dominion have decided to reunite with their origins in the Stellar Empire by amalgamating with the Imperial Services.  The amalgamation is to take place with immediate effect and all former DOMinion assets shall be re-flagged as IMPerial Services forthwith.   All systems formerly claimed by the DOMinion shall be subject to Imperial Law forthwith and shall be under Imperial protection.   System messages shall be changed accordingly in the near future.

The Viceroy, the Imperial Command Council and all Imperial Officers issue a hearty welcome to our Dominion cousins on their return to the Imperial fold and Director Gregor Konstantin to the Imperial Command Council.

The battle of Varitang entered its fourth day yesterday (50/2) with CIA casualties mounting day by day.    They had lost 19 of the 45 ships that mounted the initial attack on the GTT Platform at the last count.  Allied losses have been limited to 8 Wren Gunships so far, but many ships on both sides have taken damage.    Information received indicates that the ship commanded by Lord Scrimm's son was amongst those lost.    It is hoped that the cease fire being brokered by third parties will hold today and the slaughter can come to an end.

In spite of an informal local cease fire being arranged between Lord Goth of the GTT and a DTR official,  the CIA sent almost fifty warships down the Wormhole into the Varitang system to attack a recently established GTT platform located there on Day 4.   In spite of their numbers the platform suffered relatively little damage.   On Day 4 a mixed relief force of around 20 GTT and IMP ships arrived and succeeded in their primary objective of drawing fire away from the platform.   A CIA Capital ship was destroyed and several others damaged.   The allies lost six Wren Gunboats and had other ships damaged.

The Allies have demonstrated their determination to hold this location and it remains to be seen if the CIA will persist in their so far ineffectual efforts to destroy the platform.

Routine patrols in the Darfold periphery and Yank destroyed a CIA freighter and a KST scout respectively.

The three KST capital ships that were engaged at the end of week 47 tried to get away on Day 1 Week 48.   Whilst not conclusive, there is strong evidence to suggest that the two damaged ones were destroyed when engaged during their departure.

Routine patrolling in the Darkfold periphery has resulted in two CIA freighters being destroyed by the ISP.  The Yank anti-Pirate and KST patrol encountered three KST 100HH ships.  In the resulting battle two of the KST ships were heavily damaged and an Imperial 75NH Interceptor Carrier destroyed.  Two other ISP ships took relatively light damage.

A routine Imperial anti-pirate patrol destroyed a small Pirate vessel in the Yank system this week.

An ISP Railgunship flotilla conducted a raid into the DTR claimed Wanderer system this week and severely damaged DTR Outpost Alexandra Point, the claiming position for the system.     All our ships were able to get clear undamaged in spite of the usual massive response by the DTR warfleet.

The DTR and CNF sent in fleets and converted the two former CIA starbases in Beach into smoking craters.   This was in total disregard for their former civilian employees caught in the bases due to the fighting, all of whom were killed.  It was noted that the DTR once again sent along an overkill sized fleet to bail out their Darkfold surrogates.  All they achieved was to finish our work in Beach for us, to the detriment of the civilians in the bases, who would have been sent away to safety before the IMP set about any demolition work.

The attacks in the Beach system started on day one with a ground action to take CIA Entropy, the claiming starbase for the system.    The starbase fell on the second day of the attack whilst elements of the ISP intercepted incoming rebel reinforcements, destroying an number of ships, including a troop carrier, and seriously damaging several others.   In the meantine the ground attack on CIA Tunguska, elswhere in the system, began on day two with a long range bombardment.  Next day the Wulf Brigade moved into the starbase and started the battle for control.   Tunguska finally fell to the Imperial forces on day 5, rounding off a highly successful week.

It was of interest to note that during the battle for Entropy several local Native Militia joined our forces and assisted in the attack.   Negotiations are in progress with the local population to see whether they would prefer their own government on the planet, as it is apparent that they are not enamoured of their erstwhile masters from the CIA.

There were a number of minor actions this week.  The ISP fighting patrol in the Darkfold periphery destroyed a CIA picket and three CNF ships, including a battleship, in two separate actions.    A DTR outpost and a small platform were destroyed in Straddle and a secret DTR base in the Outer Capellan Periphery fought off an attack by 500 startroopers of the Imperial Ground Forces. 

An IMP/DOM fighting patrol in the Darkfold system was prevented from attacking a platform by carefully placed CNF Picket ships.  Since the pickets were very small some IMP Battle groups slipped by and others were stopped when engaged.  The result was a fleet split three ways, with only one battle group getting as far as the platform.   Two capital ships were lost in return for relatively minor damage to the platform.  All the remaining allied ships except one got clear.  The supply freighter intercepted by the incoming CNF/BHD fleet of around two hundred and fifty warships was quickly destroyed.

A small ISP strike forces attacked a DTR system claiming outpost deep into their territory in the Wanderer System.   Considerable damage was done but the presence of many caves saved the outpost from total destruction.

A bad week for scouts, a CIA scout ship was destroyed entering an orbit in Audrey and two ISP scout ships came to grief in Venice.  One managed to penetrate the outer ring of platforms and was destroyed by the planetary defences.   The other did not manage to slip by the outer defences of another planet in the system.

An ISP patrol seeking KST and other Pirates in the Yanks system with the permission of the Kastorian Military Junta encountered four KST Capital ships.   Three of the KST ships received over twenty percent damage in the encounter with two of our ships being damaged, but not severely.

The DTR fleet operating in Solo attacked and destroyed an Imperial Outpost containing a large number of people in Solo this week.  After giving an offer for the outpost to surrender they hammered it to pieces before the outpost could have reasonably been expected to be ably to reply.   The occupants, numbered in thousands, were all killed in this unprovoked attack.  Once again the DTR have shown their contempt for AFT neutrality by attacking another affiliation in an AFT claimed system.

A combined IMP and DOM interdiction patrol operating in the Darkfold periphery destroyed a seven ship CIA patrol in Tuetonic and Imperial Ground forces took control of two small DTR outposts in the occupied Straddle system.

A three hundred strong  DTR fleet entered orbit and attacked DOM assets in Solo during the week.  With about 100 of their ships armed with rail guns they made short work of the ex DTR starbase being used as a firebase, neutralising the firebase space weapons in one round of battle.  A CNF fleet was deployed in the Quad/Ring as top cover.   On the second day a truly awesome DTR ground party, including troops into six figures, attacked the starbase under the shield complexes.   The starbase fell to the attackers within three days.

ISP analysts came to the conclusion that it is unlikely that any starbase in the peripheries could successfully withstand such an attack, which demonstarted the DTRs ability to impose their will on anyone they want to at any time they choose.

In several separate battles during the week, mainly in the Darkfold periphery,  CNF, CIA and BHD freighters were destroyed and an outpost was severely damaged.

In separate operations during the week the ISP Interdiction Patrol in the Darkfold periphery destroyed two CIA Freighters and heavily damaged two CNF escort ships in the Plague system and destroyed a KST Freighter in Kastor.

On Mandy searches for more survivors have now been stopped after it became apparent that all living survivors had been picked up and taken to the IMP humanitarian base at the site of the former DNA starbase of Angels's Nest.    The 8000 plus refugees now at the outpost are to be resettled in a new urban sector.  Plans for this are now well advanced.

A CIA Freighter was intercepted in the Plague system this week by an ISP interdiction patrol.    It failed to stop when hailed and was subsequently destroyed by fire from the patrol's warships.

Further investigations into the destruction of the urban sectors on Mandy have produced evidence to suggest that a massive stockpile of missiles,  which were not stored in magazines, in the former DNA Starbase were set off causing a huge explosion with missiles being scattered in great numbers over the adjacent urban sectors.  This explosion in itself appears to have caused a tsunami, as the urban sectors were in fact floating cities, which added to the general destruction.    This being the case it would appear that the damage to the urban sectors was more a matter of criminal negligence than malicious intent.

'Terrible news has been received from Mandy in the Audrey system.   It is reported that Mad Max of the DNA, rather than conduct an orderly withdrawal from our systems using the time given to him for this after his constant hostile acts against other legal residents, chose instead to fire on the other starbases on the planet and so attracted retaliatory fire.    This was a deliberate act of aggression carried out with total disregard for the possible effect of the civilians in the urban areas around Angels Nest and its adjacent sector.  During the exchanges of fire both urban sectors were destroyed, as well as the DNA starbase, in spite of the  restraint shown by the defending starbases.  In this age of modern weapons with extreme accuracy one would only expect a small amount of collateral damage and not the destruction of the two adjacent Urban Sectors.  That there was so much damage would appear to add substance to the rumours that Mad Max and the DNA had the capability of destroying the urban areas himself and may well have done so in a cynical and merciless attempt to cause maximum casualties amongst his own people for propaganda purposes.    The Imperial Services, greatly assisted by the other starbases on the planet, have already launched a Humanitarian Aid program.   More than 5000 Naplian refugees have already flocked into the Imperial aid station set up to help them.   Efforts are being made to gather in as many other survivors as possible.  A new city will be built to house these unfortunate victims of Mad Max's aggression, for whom the Viceroy and Imperial Services have the deepest sympathy.

The DNA attacked an SMS outpost early in the week and this led to the Imperial Viceroy cancelling the period of grace allowing them to withdraw their assets from the Empire's systems and declaring them to be personae non gratia with immediate effect.   DNA Angels Nest effectively committed suicide by attacking its SMS and GTT neighbours.  The DNA Starbase was totally destroy on the second day of fire.    A DNA outpost in Dryad was destroyed in a retaliation attack with the approval of the Viceregal Administration.

A pirate ship loitering in the Audrey system was destroyed by SMS/FLZ/IMP ships close to the orbit of Mandy during the week.   In another incident a Pirate ground party attempting to board a landed ship in the Rebellion system was destroyed by Imperial ground forces.

On the first day an allied fleet on its way to a target in the Darkfold System was intercepted and stopped by a CNF picket ship, which promptly disintegrated due to ISR stresses before a shot was fired.

Since the enemy were now aware that the fleet was in the area it was decided to go elsewhere.  The CNF picked a location on our route as a blocking position.  A squadron of Interceptor Carriers slipped by them and continued to the intended destination.   Unfortunately the DOM squadron with the fleet had problems with their navigational computers and went on to the original target.   The bulk of our fleet met the CNF fleet and we were outnumbered about three to two.  In spite of this the allied fleet destroyed 6 enemy ships to three of ours lost.  Since two of our casualties were 150 NH carriers the honours were considered to be about even in this battle.

The DOM squadron meanwhile found itself in some trouble at the original target and suffered the loss of two capital ships.

The Interceptor squadron encountered a squadron of CIA Gunboats and suffered minor damage, doing non in return as the opposition had no space fighters.

Next day all three allied groups, with the exception of three GTT ships with engine problems, withdrew successfully to a common rendezvous, noting that a DTR fleet, hastening to answer the usual call for help by the CNF,  was arriving at the main battle location as we left.  The three ships left behind were destroyed by the combined DTR/CNF Fleet.

Overall the battles must be considered as a successful defence by the rebels and it was of interest to note that many of the CNF ships were more effective than they have been in the past.

Evidence has been received of a medium sized nuclear explosion at a Gas Giant in the Aladdin system.   The matter is being investigated by the Imperial Services.  One of the lines of enquiry is looking into the possibility of another ARC strike against a TCA  Creche.  Should this be the case it is assumed that a third party might be involved, acting on behalf of the ARC.

A pirate ship was engaged by an IMP armed escort as it attempted to board an IMP Freighter in the Audrey system.   The pirate ship suffered enough damage for a probable kill to be claimed by our Heavy Cruiser.

A joint GTT/FET/IMP operation to deliver 50K of food per week to Earth in the Sol system commenced this week.   It appears that rebellions, and activity to suppress them, against the GCS rule in parts of the old Inner Empire have disrupted the regular food supplies that Earth relies on to feed its population.  This operation is pledged to continue as long as it is required.

Rumours and vague reports are coming in from the former Inner Empire of a food crisis on Earth in the Sol system.    It is rumoured to have been caused by a disruption of supplies from out of system sources.   Consideration is being given to the provision of Food Aid from the peripheries.

A very large DTR fleet appeared in the Ruin system, presumably the Darkfold rebels were despairing of doing anything serious about the ISP raiding fleet that has been running more or less unapposed around their periphery for the last four weeks or so.   Both DTR and IMP fleets got split up and a number of smaller actions caused us to lose another ten ships, making a total of eleven for the whole operation.    Balanced against overall kill of forty four rebel ships during the incursion this makes the operation reasonably successful with the added bonus of pulling the DTR fleet back into the Darkfold.

The CIA are making noises about "unfair advantage" and crying foul.   It is assumed that they are trying to draw attention away from the abysmal performance of their own ships. 

The ISP fleet currently operating in the Darkfold Periphery chalked up further successes this week with 5 CNF warships and a DTR freighter destroyed in three engagements.   In the first engagement three IMP ships on their way to join the main fleet ran into fourteen CNF warships.   In spite of the odds in their favour the CNF were only able to destroy one IMP 75 NH Carrier with the loss of a similar ship of their own.

Back in the Capellan periphery a very small DTR platform was successfully boarded by elements of the ISMC.

The IMP raiding fleet operating in the Darkfold periphery destroyed a BHD freighter and its escorting Carrier in Darkfold and seven CIA Warships in three separate engagements during the week.

The blockade of several major allied installations in the Capellan system was lifted as the DTR Fleet and CNF flotilla moved on.   They attacked and destroyed a GCS platform and wiped out the tattered remains of their old outpost in Pollux.  Elements of the IMP Ground Party that destroyed the outpost were destroyed before their withdrawal could be completed but the bulk of the IMP Ground Forces has already been withdrawn.

The IMP Interdiction Fleet operating in the Darkfold Periphery destroyed several CIA warships and a CNF Freighter in several small engagements during the week

Having arrived too late to bail out their CNF Running Dogs in Trinity a very large DTR fleet with a small CNF flotilla in attendance have spread themselves out in groups of 130 plus ships around the Capellan System, blockading the planets with major Allied installations and destroying a small IMP observation platform in the process. Three heavily damaged warships returning from Trinity for repairs stumbled over them on the first day and were destroyed along with some passing freighters.  Since then some more freighters have been attacked, one dumped cargo and escaped, others, including a Space Liner on a mission to transport hundreds of civilian employees between starbases, were destroyed.

An allied fleet led by the GCS attacked a CNF fleet parked in the orbit of Proton in the Trinity System this week.   Over a two day battle a number of ships on both sides were destroyed and others damaged.   The allies did not attain their primary objective of destroying all the CNF ships, mainly because a number were in the Starbase starport on the first day and so several allied Battle Groups were deprived of their targets.   Almost all the allied losses and damage was delivered by the starbase, as had been expected.  It is assumed that CNF ships are considerably larger than barn doors as one ten ship IMP Battle Group destroyed two 100 heavy hulled ships on the first day of battle.    The starbase was attacked by two rail gun ships which reduced its size by 5.5% and not the 8-10% previously reported.    Other ships engaging the starbase due to battle computers being erroneously set did little or no damage because of the high level of point defence.

In a seperate incident an IMP Ground Party has taken over a minor CIA outpost in the Darkfold Periphery.   We await the rebel response.

The ground forces attacking on DTR Hideout continued the long range bombardment throughout the week.  The target outpost has now been so reduced that it can no longer establish a valid claim the Pollux system.   The control of Pollux, a key system into the old Inner Empire from the Capellan Peripheries, has now reverted to the Allies once more.  The bombardment continues.

At the beginning of the week a large IMP Ground Party was inserted onto the Asteroid Detinus 1 in the Pollux system and a long range attack was commenced on the DTR Outpost Hideout.  After several days bombardment the outpost defences have been severely reduced and speculation is rife when an assault on the outpost itself will take place.   Curiously the DTR do not appear to have made any effort to relieve their besieged outpost at the time of going to press.  Several GTT scout ships have been destroyed whilst entering the asteroid's orbit during the week.

Early in the week a CNF suicide ship armed with a massive number of missiles attacked IMP Ecalpon in the Blowton system.  The majority of the outpost's space defence hardware was destroyed but the CNF ship also blew up.

Next day a CNF Ground Party was inserted before a relieving force from the ISP could get there.  In the subsequent battle with the outpost Ground Forces the CNF GP showed a similar level of incompetence and low accuracy as we have come to expect from their warships and the defending forces destroyed the attacker in half a day's battle.

A medium sized CNF Platform was destroyed by an ISP Combat Space Patrol in the Darkfield Periphery this week.   A CIA freighter that happened to be passing by was caught in the cross fire and blew up.

Elsewhere a GTT patrol successfuly boarded a KST Freighter.

Two freighters, CNF and DTR, were destroyed in the Kastor system by a GTT Combat Patrol this week.   The ISP patrol working deeper into the Darkfold failed to find any suitable targets.

One of the escaping damaged CNF ships from Wastelands was located in the Dryad system this week.   It was damaged but still managed to fight off two attempts at boarding by the ISMC.  At this stage it was decided to deal with it in the old fashioned way and an ISP battle group was sent to finish it off.

Elsewhere the ISP deep penetration patrol in the Darkfold Periphery destroyed a CIA Freighter and the DTR also lost a freighter to a GTT Combat Patrol.

We are still waiting for  the CNF's previously promised explanation of why loosing over two thirds of their 25 ship raiding fleet in Wastelands for minimal allied losses was a CNF victory.

The hunt for the CNF raiders in Wastelands continued all week with several small engagements resulting in the destruction of another 13 CNF warships.  CNF have claimed to be "distracting" the allied fleet and are expected to issue a statement as to why in the near future.  An expensive distraction that has cost them more than 16 warships overall against Allied losses of two freighters and several scouts and small gunboats.  In addition the Allied ship commanders have accumulated an impressive amount of experience both in the handling of their ships and the tactics needed to intercept raiders.

Several of their ships were heavily engaged as they left battle areas during the week and have not been seen since.  The fate of these ships is unknown but that they were heavily damaged is a certainty.

An ISP Battle group deploying in the Wastelands system ran into the CNF 25 ship group that has been raiding in the Outer Capellan Periphery.  Although outnumbered more than two to one the ISP ships handed out more damage than they received.  An ammunition bowser slipped into the location next day but was spotted and destroyed by the departing enemy.

The CNF group ran into another ISP Battle Group supported by Interceptor Carriers as it tried to slip away.  Once again our outnumbered forces delivered more damage than they received, damaging several of the CNF ships and finishing off one damaged in the previous day's engagement.  Four of our normal hulled interceptor carriers received moderate damage, which did not stop their Interceptors completely wiping out the enemy's Space Fighters.   The hunt continues.

On Day 4/4 the CNF fleet appeared to have split, a combined GTT/IMP fleet intercepted seven of them and destroyed three, delivering medium to heavy damage to the remainder.

The results of the battle in Beach last week are now coming in, The ISP lost an ammunition bowser, had one ship with medium damage and several with minor damage.  All our ships were able to leave the area with additional minor damage to some as they left.  The CNF lost two heavy cruisers with another six capital ships heavily damaged, ranging from 35-80%, and two less severely damaged.  A passing CIA convoy lost both it's freighters and the escort was lightly damaged.  Some CNF ships also received further damage as they left the area.

STOP PRESS - reports have just arrived that a further six of the CNF's damaged ships that failed to leave the battle site have been destroyed over two days.

The FET have stated their intention of dropping claims to the systems they currently claim on behalf of the Imperial Services and withdrawing from the Empire's Alliance against the DTR and their surrogates in the Darkfold periphery.   The Imperial Services will be taking up these claims with immediate effect with the exception of Wastelands, which is expected to be claimed by IND Oasis on behalf of the GCE, with IMP approval.

The FET have stated that they do not intend to void their Imperial Charter at this time.

A fighting Patrol of the ISP continued its depredations in the Darkfold periphery.  Two KST ships were encountered and destroyed and reports are coming in of a larger clash involving up to 13 CNF and CIA ships which appear to have caused them heavy casualties .

In separate incidents the CNF have attacked several FET outposts in the Outer Capellan periphery and destroyed an unarmed observation platform near the Kasmer Stargate.

An ISP fighting patrol engaged and destroyed a CIA Platform in Kastor and two CIA ships in Ruin during the week with minor damage to an IMP ship.   In seperate incidents an IMP scout was destroyed by a DTR patrol in Archnid and an IMP Freighter fell foul of a CIA "battle computer error" in Yank.

A CNF warship had a brief brush with an Imperial Platform in the Capellan System but did not return fire.

A secret DTR base was discovered in the Capellan System by a GTT patrol early in the week and was subsequently destroyed by GTT and IMP ships firing from orbit of the newly discovered asteroid.

In the Trinity system a combined GCS/GTT blockade of Proton engaged a fleet of DTR and CNF freighters and their escorts, destroying one of the 100 HH escorts and severely damaging another.   Three freighters were destroyed including a 150 X-Light hulled vessel.

An ISP ship on routine system patrols was ambushed as it entered the orbit of a planet in the Capellan systems this week.   The CNF attacker destroyed our patrol ship and managed to escape before the relief force arrived.   The surviving nine members of the patrol ship's crew have now been rescued and taken to safety at Jax.

In a separate incident the GTT destroyed a DTR freighter this week.

A DTR Nemesis capital ship, classed as an explorer, entered the orbit of Milkrun in the Dorn systems this week and attempted to board a FET freighter trading with the IMP starbase on the planet via its hiport.  The Starbase and its supporting platform took exception to this and blew the intruder out of orbit.  We suspect that the captain might have been quite surprised, in the brief moments available to him, that the starbase fired on him as we assume he expected it to be hiding under a planetary shield.   It is perhaps a measure of the size of the DTR fleet that they can afford to throw away 100 heavy hulled ships on suicide missions of this type.  There is considerable speculation as to the source of the information that the FET freighter was in orbit.

An Imperial Exploration ship was ambushed  by a CNF commerce raider in the Wastelands system and was lost with all hands,  In a separate  incident a CNF flotilla of warships that had destroyed a GTT scoutship in the Capellan System managed to sneak away just as the ISP turned up on the scene.

A combined GCS/GTT/FET/IMP war fleet attacked the 1,957 hulled DTR Platform defending their base in the Pollux system earlier this week.   The platform was completely destroyed with the loss of two allied ships, a number of other ships received medium damage but were able to leave the battle area.   The DTR Outpost dropped its Planetary Shield on day two and, having done nothing on day one, was able to destroy another allied ship that was slow to leave the orbit.  Stellar Patrol Headquarters have stated that the casualties for this attack were incredibly light and it would probably have been another story had the Outpost not been cowering under its planetary shield on day one.

In separate attacks an Imperial gunship made  a lightning raid from orbit on a DTR outpost in Straddle and a small GTT flotilla have destroyed a number of KST ships in response to the KST attacks on GTT vessels in the neutral Yank system.

A DTR Ground Party attempted to sneak through the orbit of Booker in Audrey, presumably with a view to scouting the Imperial Starbase on the planet.  Alert pickets spotted the incoming GP and it was promptly destroyed before it could land.

Rumours that they were trying to steal supplies of the much prized Brooker Steaks have not been confirmed.

A DTR commerce raider fired on and destroyed an Imperial freighter in the Blagard system this week.  They would appear to have taken a leaf out of the ISP's book and started commerce raiding as an economic weapon.   However they do not seem to have quite got the hang of it yet as several other large freighters slipped by the ambush, including one that went through twice.   The IMP Guard Platform in the Quad/Ring engaged the raider and it was also destroyed.

A separate report indicates that a RIP observation outpost in the Madonna system has been taken over by pirates, a little ironic as the outpost was set up to look out for them.

A DTR outpost had been discovered on an asteroid in the Blagard system and elements of ISMC Immediate Reaction Force jumped in from orbit and took control.  The outpost was undefended and three of the Employees there decided to leave, the remainder were happy to transfer to Imperial Services employment.  The outpost appeared to be a storage facility with teleporter capability.

In a separate incident a combined GCS/GTT fleet bombarded a DTR outpost in the Trinity system from orbit, quickly reducing it to ruins.   This outpost was formerly an Imperial Services research facility that had been taken over by the DTR some time back. There were no personnel present and the outpost had apparently been mothballed since the DTR takeover.

Imperial forces have boarded and captured a CNF ship in the Darkfold periphery.  Full details of the action are not yet available.

An FGZ ship was seen to land at an Imperial Starbase, ignoring the general advice issued to use starports, the Captain of the intruder failed to respond to calls to leave within 48 hours and an arrest party was sent to interview the Captain and crew.  When it became obvious the the intruding ship would fall into Imperial hands the captain activated some sort of self-destruct and the ship was totally destroyed.  No survivors from the crew were found in the wreckage.

An allied fleet set up an ambush in the Adamski system but failed to intercept  any enemy ships.  The fleet then entered the orbit of T4 with a view to bombarding the DTR (former GTT) Starbase there.   Considerable damage was done but it was limited by the high level of point defence maintained by the Starbase.   The Starbase was targeting Carriers and a number of normal hulled ships of the Allied Fleet were destroyed.  Additionally two capital ships, heavily damaged in the initial assault, were destroyed as the Allied Fleet disengaged on day two.  Other damaged ships were successfully extracted from the battle area.   Although the amount of MUs of damage on each side was close to being equal the missions greatest success was the hard learned lessons on the subject of Starbase Defence.

An Empire fleet along with their DOM allies attacked a CNF picket force in the Straddle system on Day 1 causing the destruction of 12 CNF ships, mainly 100 heavy hulled capital ships,  and severe damage to a number of others.   The allied fleet lost a capital ship and some gunboats, the capital ship was destroyed by the DTR platforms which showed a marked reluctance to support and defend their CNF Clients.  Next day the allied fleet moved to a blocking position, still in Straddle, and ambushed a mixed warship and freighter DTR fleet of 21 ships, destroying 12 of them and severely damaging a further capital ship without losses to the allied fleet.  Several DTR freighters dumped their cargos and were able to flee.   Meanwhile, back at the day one battle site several small ships had failed to disengage and were destroyed.  Two more of the previously damaged CNF ships suffered Integrity breakdowns.

There have been a number of minor skirmishes across the Peripheries this week, including a small battle in the Beach system which has so far resulted in the loss of one ship by each side.     An IMP freighter, straying into the Arachnid system, was destroyed by a DTR patrol and the GTT have been active with small ship attacks in the Adamski system, resulting in the loss of some small ships by the GTT and unspecified damage to DTR assets there.

The rebel battle fleet that shot up a FET starbase last week are still active in the Outer Capellan systems.   An IMP freighter and a routine patrol vessel were destroyed in the Dorn system this week as they approached an Imperial starbase.  In a separate incident another routine patrol ship ran foul of the DTR fleet and was destroyed.

The GTT Starbase in Adamski fell to the DTR attackers on the second day of battle.  Several small scouting ships were destroyed by the DTR Blockade fleet in the quad/ring on the same day.

A massive 500K Mu DTR ground attack force launched an assault against GTT  Starbase Outcasts in the Adamski System on day 35/3.    Scouts checking the quad/ring today were destroyed by a 250 ship DTR battle fleet.  On last reports the starbase was holding out but getting reinforcements through a blockade of that size is not going to be an easy job.

In an obviously co-ordinated operation a combined 92 ship BHD/CNF fleet has launched a bombardment against the FET Starbase Dragons Rest in the Curly system.  An IMP routine patrol stumbled over the battle fleet and was destroyed.

A combined ISP and GTT combat group engaged a 26 ship BHD fleet in the Kastor System earlier this week.  Twelve BHD ships were destroyed including 6 Capital ships, 5 Heavy Cruisers and a Carrier.   Of the remaining BHD ships only one was undamaged, five critically damaged  and the others receiving low or medium damage.  The allied fleet lost a St Clair Gun Boat and had a number of ships receiving light to medium damage.  Having achieved their objective the allied fleet disengaged and left the battle area.

A CNF patrol group encountered a GTT scout in the Kastor system.  The GTT ship was destroyed on the second day when CNF reinforcements arrived.

Elswhere in the Darkfold two CIA ships were destroyed and a third captured by boarding by elements of the ISP.

An eight ship DTR patrol group consisting of 6 cruisers, a scout and a sensor ship were located in the DTR home system of Venice this week.   All the DTR ships were destroyed by an ISP attack group.  Six IMP ships suffered minor damage.  In the words of the group admiral " not enough damage to justify any ships returning to base for repairs".

Claims in the public media to the effect that the DTR squadron was on an "anti Pirate patrol" wear a little thin in the light of one of our ship's bridge recordings of the incident:-

DTR SHIP AGE OF REASON (96027) - {75 Light Hulls} - Attacking us.                 Caravel Class Sensor Ship {No Armour}

A newly created pirate base was spotted in the Adamski system by a GTT patrol this week.   The small outpost was totally destroyed by a GTT Task Force accompanied by elements of the ISP.

In two separate incidents this week an IMP freighter was ambushed and blown up by a CNF patrol in the Void system and a GTT outpost was destroyed by a CNF Missile ship in the Kasmer system.  Attempts to intercept the raider were not successful.

A DTR freighter spotted in the Venice system and seen to be carrying a full load of Space Interceptor MkII's was destroyed by an ISP Patrol.

Three of the operatives causing disruption and minimal damage in an Imperial Starbase in the Audrey system were captured and all admitted that they were working for the DTR and that their controller was Jacob Nelson.  The hunt goes on to root out the rest of these pests.

A suicidal CNF scout ship entered the orbit of Stork, in the Mattalot system, the resultant cosmic dust has ensured improved sunsets there for some time to come.

There are strong indications that the DTR economy is feeling the pinch due to the loss of several of their starbases to the DEN and DOM.   They are apparently looking for trading opportunities, even going so as far to release some of their big military transport ships for trade goods transportation.

Seeing that the tactical situation was beginning to swing in favour of the rebels due to supply difficulties and the loss of Space Fighter superiority the Allied Fleets at the Straddle battle decided to withdraw on 21-1.  Considerable numbers of allied ships had been pinned by the fast but basically unarmed rebel picket ships and this resulted in considerable allied losses due to the need to emergency jump from relatively deep within the system.  A few ships were incapable of leaving and have since been destroyed.   Two DTR attempts to board a crippled ISP SOL defended by less than a dozen Imperial Marines failed and the ship was finally destroyed the following day.    It was interesting to note that a token CNF force joined the battle once it was as good as over.     As all big game hunters know, when the lions feed the jackals gather round hoping for a few scraps.   Reports are still coming in from Janth, where the ground battles are believed to be still in progress.        

The space battle in Straddle continues, up to 500 ships from all sides were fighting at the peak of the action.   The DTR gained overall Space Fighter superiority by the third day but the missile and beam weapon duels contine.  There have been heavy losses on both sides so far.   The Imperial Comand is reported to be pleased with the performance of our new weapons and ship designs.  The DOM have captured a DTR starbase in Solo but attacks on two other starbases by DOM and DEN are still in progress.

The DEN and DOM have finally got tired of the depredations of the DTR in the Peripheries and have declared war.  This was heralded by a number of attacks on DTR ships and installations throughout the peripheries.  The Empire's affiliations, assisted by a DEN fleet, are mainly involved in a major battle in the Straddle system, stolen from the Empire some time ago. This battle involves well over 300 ships on all sides and is now in its third day.   There have been major casualties on both sides with the IMP and FET taking the brunt of the DTRs attacks so far.  More news is expected from the front later today.

The aptly named BHD Outpost Hells Kitchen on Pier in the Beach system was captured by GTT ground forces this week and was found to contain a workforce entirely made up of 216 human slaves.   It would appear that the Darkfold affiliations have not changed their  old habits, merely concealed them from their DTR masters.  Full documentary evidence, supplied by the GTT,  is on file at our offices here at Jax.

A CIA Outpost in the Fetlock system was attacked by Imperial Ground Forces, which were repelled by the defenders.   Rather than commit further Ground Forces a missile ship was sent to attack the outpost from orbit.  Both the outpost and a docked ship were destroyed in this attackchanged their old habits

After three days bombardment from orbit by GTT and IMP light forces the DTR outpost and its associated Ground Party discovered in the Capellan Periphery last week were totally destroyed.

Elements of the ISP destroyed a CIA outpost in the Darkfold Periphery with fire from orbit. Closer to home an illegal DTR outpost was discovered on an asteroid in the Capellan system.  Steps are being taken to remove it.

A GTT Ground party recovered their outpost on Fergie this week after several weeks raising adequate forces.  An Imperial GP took a small DTR outpost in the Pollux system this week and news came in of an Imperial outpost in the Capellan system being destroyed by the CNF over a period of several weeks.   The Imperial Officer responsible for the outpost has been relieved of his duties for failing to inform the Imperial High Command or to take action to prevent the loss of the outpost.

Imperial forces captured a small DTR observation platform spying on traffic from one of our starbases and the GTT took over a DTR GP that was scavenging debris at the Audrey battle site.  The DTR counter attacked and recovered the GP the next day.

The battle for Fergie continues with some gains by the GTT forces engaged there.  The DTR outpost appears to have lost all its point defence capability.

An FET picket engaged a small DTR fleet in orbit of the Audrey Wormhole at the end of last week.   This sparked off a major battle in the quad/ring as both sides poured in reenforcements.   The first day went reasonably well with newly configured Empire ships being more successful against the fast DTR Nebulon Capital Ships than in the past.  The Empire forces won the space fighter supremacy battle by wiping out the enemy's Interceptor and Space fighter contingents. A  reasonably successful day one, involving some ship losses, was seriously marred on day two when a GTT flotilla failed to disengage with the rest of the Empire fleet.   Several other ships were too damaged to leave the battle and were also lost on day two.   This battle was one of the first in the Capellan Periphery where the DTR were assisted by their BHD and CNF allies.

Duke Kendrick Calderon has been appointed Imperial Trade and Commerce Minister and is welcomed to the Command Council

The Fergi ground battle continued all week, with the DTR moving in a blocking fleet to the D7 quad ring which resulted in a Missile ship being destroyed on its way to replenish and an empty freighter heading out for more  troops and equipment.  The DTR picket apparently moved on next day.

A CIA raiding party was destroyed in the Outer Capellan Periphery and a FET picket at the Audrey wormhole intercepted a DTR fleet on 08 day 5.  Further reports are expected regarding this incident.

A CNF troop carrier was spotted on the ground near a FET outpost in Teller at the end of week 06/05.  The ship was destroyed from orbit after dismounting its resident ground party.  In the ensuing ground battle for control of the outpost the enemy GP was destroyed on the second day of battle by the outpost defenders aided by an IMP reaction force of startroopers.

A small CNF ship carried out an inconclusive attack against a GTT surveiilance platform at the Kasmer stargate.   They are trying to make a lot of propaganda mileage out of an insignificant event.  Probably because they have had so few successes against the Empire in the last twelve months or so.

In the meantime the ground battles on Fergie progress, with a setback caused by an IMP GP getting destroyed as a result of a navigational error.

The ground battle to regain control of the former GTT outpost on Fergie continues.  The DTR have reenforced the outpost and GTT and IMP forces are attacking.  As the battle progresses it appears that all involved are using it to increase their knowledge of ground warfare, an art that has been somewhat neglected of late.

An overwhelming DTR fleet struck against the four Battle Groups of the ISP Reserve  Fleet left in the Capellan  system as the main IMP fleet responded to the attack on Stockton.   The battle took place in orbit of the Gas Giant Asgon and nineteen Imperial Ships were destroyed and several others disabled.   The DTR appeared to be concentrating on Space Fighter Carriers and support ships.   4 support freighters were included in the destroyed ships.     ISP ships departing via the quad/Ring on day two were ambushed as they left orbit and two more were destroyed and others disabled.   A number of our damaged ships managed to emergency jump clear of the battle but it is anticipated that at least seventy-five percent of the four BGs have been lost.   A press statement from ISP Headquarters indicated that this could only be described as a major setback for the Imperial Services but that we have suffered setbacks in the past and recovered from them.  Plans are already being implimented to recover from this one as soon as possible.

Ground forces of the DTR invaded two of the Empire's outposts in the Stockton system this week, including the Imperial Outpost on which the system claim was based.    They are using the capture of this outpost as a basis for an illegal claim to the system which they have attempted to substantiate by setting up a new base of their own.  The Empire's forces are currently considering appropriate measures to be taken to counter this illegal claim to one of the Empire's systems.

Two battlegroups of the ISP intercepted a CNF picket in the Borderland System on Day 2 .   A CNF Broadsword was destroyed and the two Battleships there were severly damaged.  Th Carrier configured 100 heavy huller lost all its Space Fighters before they reached their target and the ship itself suffered over 50% hull damaged.  An IMP normal hulled carrier was hit with one broadside but not serverely damaged or crippled.