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Jack Jones                                            Nexus Code:   Jack Jones

Affiliation PD,  General Policy and Inter Affiliation Relations.        

Vacant                                                Nexus Code:  

Commands the  ISP Space and Ground Operations and oversees the maintenance and expansion of the Imperial Battle Fleet                         

'Wild Bill' Donovan                                      Nexus Code:    wild_bill_donovan

Responsible for the collection and collation of information about other affiliations and activities within the peripheries

Bratislav Zigic                                           Nexus Code:    zigic

Responsible for coordinating the Affiliation's exploration and trading activities

Vacant                                    Nexus Code:

Responsible for co-ordinating the Affiliation's research program

Admiral The Grand Duke of the Capellan Reaches      Nexus code:   Lord Simms

Responsible for adding a little practicality to the other members ideas

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