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The Imperial Services were the Law enforcement arm of the Stellar Empire, with the disintegration of the Inner Empire they perform a similar function in those systems currently claimed by or for the Empire within the Peripheries.  These systems constitute the largest area within the peripheries under one government.

The Imperial Services were sent to the peripheries with a remit to establish Imperial Law and expand the borders of the Stellar Empire. The fall of the Inner Empire meant that the Viceroy, appointed by the former Emperor to rule the Capellan Periphery on his behalf, was on his own.  The signing of the Peace Accord and the acceptance of both sides of the former civil war that the former Emperor Jasil's son, Prince Lysander, should become the Emperor (Designate) leaves all involved awaiting for the coronation towards the end of 209.

The Imperial Services are still committed to the spread of Imperial law and the expansion of the Stellar Empire.  They are also committed, as members of the Triumvirate Council, to the maintainance of law and order in the now combined former Inner Empire and Confederacy systems 

In addition the Imperial Services are required to take action against pirates and those who commit acts of piracy, wherever they are found.   In order to accomplish these goals we need starcaptains who are prepared to trade to maintain our economy and to explore for materials for our factories and trade goods in addition to those who are prepared to fight for the right. 

We have starbases and ships to be allocated to those committed to our aims and prepared to work to achieve them. 
Ask not “What can the Imperial Services do for me?” but “What can I do for the Imperial services?”

Last Updated: 10 February 2012